Cameron Ambulance District



Our Board of Directors consist of 6 members, two of which are elected each year in the April general election.  All Board Members serve three year terms as directed under RSMo 190.  Our Board Meetings are held the third Monday of each month @ 7:00 p.m. at District Headquarters and are open to the public.

Mary Ann Grant, President - Since 2007                 Term Expires 2022

Mike Scott, Vice President - Since 2007                  Term Expires 2022

Richard Kessler, Treasurer - Since 2009                 Term Expires 2020

Sylvia Fenn, Secretary - Since 1979                        Term Expires 2021

Ron Provin, Board Member - Since 2012                 Term Expires 2020

Becky Kohlstaedt, Board Member - Since 2017       Term Expires 2021


Nathan Jones, District Administrator, Paramedic

Alex Spencer, Assistant  Administrator, Paramedic

Karen Bruders, Office Manager

Melissa Olsen-Barker, Paramedic

Sandy Hendrix, EMT-B

Kyle Pittman, Paramedic

Katie Talbert, EMT-B

Brandon Duffy, Paramedic 

Donn Harrison EMT-B

Cathy Poindexter EMT-B

Kelly Notch EMT-B