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Cameron Ambulance District was formed in 1974 in collaboration with Cameron Community Hospital to serve the residents of the Cameron School District in Clinton and DeKalb Counties.


Our staff consists of several full and part time Paramedics and EMT's as well as a full time Office Manager who handles all of our billing and compliance needs.  Our Board of Directors consists of 6 members who each serve 3 year terms.


In November 2013 we held an election to shift our funding from property tax assessment to a 1/2 cent sales tax. This new tax was approved by a 65% majority of the voters! The new sales tax started being collected as of April 2014 and we began to receive the new funds in July 2014.


We have 4 fully equipped and stocked ambulances of which we attempt to keep 2 staffed at all times. In 2011 we acquired a mass casualty trailer with equipment and supplies that can utilized to treat large quantities of victims during large scale disasters. This was funded with grants from the Department of Homeland Security. In this trailer we also have a climate controlled 20' x 40' shelter that has been used on many occasions since we acquired it.

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